10,000 Brown-headed Nuthatch Nest Boxes!

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Authored by Curtis Smalling, Audubon North Carolina. Referring to Audubon North Carolina’s campaign to help the Brown-headed Nuthatch. Thanks to Wake Audubon members and friends for doing our part to make this happen.

We did it!

Together, we have put up 10,000 new Brown-headed Nuthatch nest boxes!

In 2013, we asked for your help to provide a good home for Brown-headed Nuthatches near you. Today, thanks to YOU, North Carolina has 10,000 more nest boxes to support this priority species.

This was a tremendous goal, and we met it in just two years! When Audubon North Carolina’s network comes together, we are able to make significant strides in bird conservation.

With amazing collaboration from individuals, Audubon Chapters, the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group and bird stores across our state, we’ve been able to help this squeaky, southern bird find more places to call home and raise the next generation of nuthatches.

Learn about how our Chapters make a huge impact on this goal!


We met this amazing goal, but our work doesn’t stop at 10,000. As bird lovers, we need to create even more places for this squeaky little bird to call home as our state faces the growing impact of climate change.

During our campaign to put up more homes, we learned from Audubon’s Birds & Climate Change Report that 95% of the Brown-headed Nuthatch’s current summer range could be highly stressed by climate change by 2080. From 2 to 200 to 2,000 – every nest box installed helps build more bird-friendly communities across our state and helps this tiny southern bird find a home as our climate changes and their ranges shift.

Thank you again for welcoming the Brown-headed Nuthatch to your yard. Our southern hospitality is evident for this charming little bird.

DON’T REST NOW! We’ve still got more to do!

Now we need to monitor how all those nest boxes are being used. The next important step is to share your data! If you haven’t entered your nest box location online already, visit As breeding season gets going, enter data for any birds that nest in your box — House Wrens and Carolina Chickadees as well as Brown-headed Nuthatches. Even if you have only one or two observations to report, please share them so we can get a better idea of how our birds are doing. If you have trouble getting your data in, contact Kim Brand at [email protected].


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