Anderson Point Workday a Success

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Wake Audubon volunteers supervised the efforts of 20 engineering students from North Carolina State University to remove invasive plants at Anderson Point Park on Saturday, March 27. Raleigh Parks staff followed our groups as we moved through the woods and helped by safely applying herbicide on each of the cut stems.
In total we cut or pulled 3000 individual Privet and/or Eleagnus plants from the park during our 3-hour effort. We also pruned dead stems from the remnant population of Mountain Laurel, and added a mulch and peat moss topdressing for those shrubs and the Galax that carpets the forest floor among them. All in all it was a wonderfully successful partnership.
Special thanks to those Wake Audubon volunteers who helped with these efforts: Erik Thomas, Sue and Dan Harvey, and Valerie Waters. John Connors