Bird Window Collisions

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by John Gerwin

Glass is a well-known problem for birds. Bird collisions with glass result in a large number of mortalities – as many as one billion each year. To help homeowners prevent birds hitting their windows the American Bird Conservancy has produced a flyer that can be downloaded at . This flyer describes a variety of treatments that you and I can adopt, to be used on glass, that can greatly reduce the number of birds striking windows. Wake Audubon has received a batch of these for distribution as well. So if you’d prefer to obtain one from us, ask at one of our general meetings or at one of the events in which we participate (like the upcoming April events).

window tape

Application of window tape from ABA

And if you want to learn more about what other work ABC is doing to reduce bird-glass collisions, please visit:

And here is an interesting piece of info to think about when placing feeders: Place your feeders closer than 3 feet to a picture window, or affixed to the glass or window frame, to significantly reduce the likelihood and severity of window collisions. When birds take off from feeders 6 feet or more from windows, they’re going at their top speed when they hit, making the severity of collisions far greater.