Flamingo Infestation!

Sadly, Flamingos are no longer visiting yards. We need a new coordinator and a larger group of volunteers to staff this project. Check back next year and hopefully the Flamingos will be ready to migrate.

What is a Flamingo Infestation?

Flamingo Infestation

Shock you neighbors!

A flock of forty or so flamingos will show up on the lawn of the person you would like to infest (infestee). We will leave a note explaining the infestation and who is responsible (the infester). We will work with you to find a good date and time for the infestation. The cost is $30.

How long will they stay?

Flamingos usually remain for three days. If approached, they defend their turf with nasally honking or even growling. Luckily, a Wake Audubon flamingo relocation team is trained at peacefully encouraging the plastic flock to disperse (suggested donation of $10). The infestee can call or email for early removal services.

About Flamingo Infestation:

Flamingo infestation is a fundraising effort of Wake Audubon Society. Wake Audubon is a non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve open space, important habitats and threatened species of wildlife. All donations are tax-deductible.

How to order РPlease note, our flamingos will not be available until further notice.

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