Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve

Located in an oxbow of the Neuse River in northeast Raleigh, the nearly 146-acre Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve is a unique jewel in the Raleigh Parks & Recreation system. The Preserve consists of upland fields, floodplain forests, wetlands, and the river. The NC Natural Heritage Program has designated the floodplain forest that surrounds Horseshoe Farm’s meadow as a Natural Heritage Natural Area.

These areas provide habitats for a remarkable diversity of plants and animals. So far, 147 species of migratory and resident birds have been identified along with numerous mammals, butterflies, and native plants. The preserve and neighboring undeveloped areas also serve as wildlife corridors.

This wonderful resource is under threat from nearby development. Wake Audubon Society opposes the proposed rezoning (Z-40-21) of land located along Louisburg Road and across the Neuse River from Horseshoe. The rezoning proposal, if approved, will allow development of 4-story apartment and mixed-use structures with 375 living units. The foundation of our opposition rests on the negative environmental impacts that the development will have upon the Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve, the Neuse River Greenway, and the riparian zone of the Neuse River.

Location: 2928 Horse Shoe Farm Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina

On November 16, 2021, Raleigh City Council is expected to schedule a public hearing on this issue for December 7, 2021. Help Wake Audubon protect our natural resources:

  1. Email Raleigh City Council at [email protected] and tell them you oppose 4-story buildings with 375 living units right by the Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve, greenway, and Neuse River. Ask them to reject Z-40-21. Already done? Ask three friends to write in. Anyone can contact City Council. They need to know that their decisions affect surrounding areas.
  2. Volunteer at the preserve to get the word out to visitors. Sign-up here:
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