New Bridge Proposal on Outer Banks

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Many of us in Wake Audubon submitted comments on the proposals for the Bonner Bridge replacement and associated up-grades to the existing highway 12 route along the outer banks, several years ago. Our interests stemmed from the fact that highway 12 runs along the coast, and through a National Wildlife Refuge, and was constantly washing out. This has resulted in a lot of DOT funds spent over the years to repair the road, and thus, a lot of impact on the refuge and on local traffic.

This project affects the southern portion of the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Rodanthe area. An Environmental Assessment was done in 2012 or so, and the first EA report released in December 2013.  More comments were received and this month, a new report was released, indicating a new “preferred” alternative.

The original report recommended replacing the original bridge pretty much in the same place, but many of us and many folks in the Rodanthe area disagreed. The new recommendation is to build a new bridge in Pamlico Sound, to the west of the current Highway 12.

This new bridge location would minimize impacts to the wildlife refuge, the ocean/shore beach, the Rodanthe community and submerged aquatic vegetation in the sound.  This new preferred alternative has the support of federal and state environmental and regulatory agencies and the residents of Rodanthe.

As proposed in this new plan, the part of Highway 12 within the current refuge would be removed, and that land returned to the Refuge management. Some of the original road would remain to allow access by local Rodanthe residents.

If you would like to read more, or see maps, about this project, please visit the following website:

During our last field trip to the outer banks we saw many birds. Here are photos by Bob Oberfelder.

White Pelican at Pea Island NWR

White Pelican at Pea Island NWR

White Ibis at Pea Island NWR

White Ibis at Pea Island NWR




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