Owl Prowl a Success!

i Nov 2, 2009 No Comments by

The Owl Prowl was a success!   We had 18 people on the 11/1 walk, despite the weather (overcast and misting).  About three were from the official wake audubon site, the others from Meetup.  We walked down to the major lake at Durant Nature Park at 5:15 and a great horned owl answered my hoots!   We followed the sounds and were rewarded with a silhouetted owl perched in a dead tree across the lake!  They even got to watch her fly off.  A second Great Horned Owl hooted nearby, answering the first one.

While we were gathering at Durant Nature Park, taping red plastic onto our flashlights, talking and laughing, a man came up to us and wished us good luck on our owl walk.  And then he said “You have completely changed my impression of what birdwatchers look like… I always pictured them as a bunch of little old ladies!”  How true; of this bunch of 18, I was the oldest one there, and most were under 30.  Oh, it’s okay to be an old birder, but isn’t it great that we are getting these people early in life?  Let’s turn them into lifelong supporters of Audubon!

L. Erla, Audubon member since 1974.