Store Sale

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What: Shopping Day for Wake Audubon members and/or supporters.

When: October 23, 2010; hours: 10:00 – 6:00

Where: The Outdoor Bird Store, in Stonehenge Mall; 7426 Creedmore Road, North Raleigh. 919.846.2473

Why: Wake Audubon is partnering once again with the fine folks at the Outdoor Bird Store to raise some funds for our various programs. This year, the owners and manager have offered to donate a percentage of sales for ALL store items sold on this day, to WAS. Obviously, the more they sell, the more we get.

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Last year we did just bird seed, with pre-orders. This year, you need only show up on this day to make your purchases, but those purchases can be for anything in the store (including the various bird seed, of course).  Also, if a desired item is sold out, the Store will issue a “rain check” for the member/Wake Audubon, for when that item is back in stock.

The Bird Store Manager is talking to other Stonehenge vendors, to see if they will also participate. Wake Audubon will host an information table, and we hope to present some birdy presentations throughout the day.

Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS now, and visit our webpage for updated information.

If you would like to volunteer at our table, please contact John Gerwin.