You are what hope looks like to a bird!

Anyone can speak up for birds. No special experience or expertise is needed to be a bird advocate—just a love of birds and the places that they need. Tell your elected officials what needs to be done so that birds and people continue to thrive. It’s as easy as signing a campaign letter here (check back monthly for new campaigns):

Birds tell us that we need to act now to protect 389 threatened bird species from extinction. Two hundred of these birds breed, winter, or migrate through North Carolina. We can act now to save these birds by expanding U.S. renewable energy, working locally on climate, planting native plants, and giving to Audubon.

Check out Audubon’s Climate Action Guide for more ways to ensure that future generations get to experience a variety of birds when they step out the door in the morning

Want to learn more about how you can speak up for birds? Contact us about advanced advocacy training opportunities at our email address below.

Wood Thrush photo by Will Stuart
Wood Thrush photo by Will Stuart