American Goldfinch photo by Murray Head

American Goldfinch photo by Murray Head

You are what hope looks like to a bird!

Anyone can speak up for birds. No special experience or expertise is needed—just a love of birds and the places that they need. Advocacy can range from quick and simple acts like signing a campaign letter, to engaging with the community on behalf of birds, or meeting with elected officials about what needs to be done so that birds and people can thrive.

Sign a National Audubon Society campaign letter here (check back monthly for new campaigns):

Become an Audubon Ambassador. Audubon Ambassadors are trained to participate in issue campaigns on topics important to birds and people. Contact us at to learn more.

Represent Wake Audubon at an information table. Our table volunteers share information about all that we do, including advocacy. Training will be provided on site. Learn more at

Join us on May 27, 2020 for Audubon North Carolina Lobby Day. Talk with the North Carolina General Assembly in Raleigh about issues that matter to birds and people. Training is provided. Contact us at to learn more.

Check out Audubon’s Climate Action Guide for more ways to ensure that future generations get to experience a variety of birds when they step out the door in the morning

Energy Storage for a Brighter Future

Changes to our climate are hitting close to home—even at our backyard feeders, where species like the American Goldfinch and Brown-headed Nuthatch are at risk of extinction. More than 200 bird species in North Carolina are threatened because of hotter weather, heavier rains, and rising seas. Birds need clean energy solutions now.

Audubon North Carolina launched a 2020 energy storage campaign to fight for the energy innovations and infrastructure changes that birds and people need now. To learn more or join our team contact us at