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What We Do Depends on You

The Wake Audubon Society is an all volunteer organization. That means that what we do depends on you!

Here are several ways that volunteers are involved with the Wake Audubon Society:

Advocacy:  Speak up for birds and other wildlife and the places they need, today and tomorrow.  Activities include: signing action alerts, writing letters to the editor, informing the public about threats to birds, speaking with eledtted officials about bird-friendly policies and more.

Learn more on our Advocacy page here.

Conservation: Conserve birds and other wildlife and the places they need, today and tomorrow.

Activities include: Promoting native plants, monitoring nest activity, clearing American Woodcock breeding grounds, conducting the Christmas Bird Count, maintaining our Adopt-a-Stream site and more.

Learn more on our Conservation page here.

Education and Outreach:  Tell our story and inform people how they can help birds and the places they need today and tomorrow.

Activities include: leading bird walks and field trips, speaking to community groups, participating in local festivals, promoting environmental education at every age and more.

Learn more on our Education and Outreach page here.

Lead, manage, and administer the chapter.

This category includes everything that doesn’t fit neatly into advocacy, conservation or education.

Activities include: marketing, bringing snacks to our monthly meetings, blogging, maintaining our Facebook page, website, Instagram, ad Meetup sites, fundraising, serving on the Board of Directors and more.

How much time is required?  The time required depends on the task and the volunteer’s schedule.  Many volunteers give one to three hours when they can to support a specific project or event.

Experience required to volunteer:  There are ways for everyone to get involved.  Volunteers do not need to be bird experts or long-time Audubon members to share their skills.

How to get involved.  Sign up at a monthly chapter member meeting, contact the event leader listed on our calendar or Meetup site, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator.