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Wingbeats is our award winning newsletter. Features include upcoming events, articles about local environmental issues, and natural history about bird species. If you have an idea for an article or are interested in being part of our Wingbeats staff, please contact us.

Snow Geese

Archive (in pdf format)

Spring 2013
Wake Audubon hosts the Audubon North Carolina Annual Meeting – includes descriptions of all field trips; Bird of the Year – Eastern Meadowlark

Fall 2012
Chimney Swift migration stories, Young Naturalists’ nightjar survey, Bonus field trips to Southeastern Texas (Nov) and to North Carolina Outer Banks (Jan), and Protecting nesting shorebirds at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Spring 2011
Bird of the year (Chimney Swift), Singing Mice, Christmas Bird count, Alligator River Wildlife Refuge, Spotted Salamander

October 2009
Bird of the Year (Purple Martin)

July 2009
Adventures in Coffeeland, Bird of the Year (Purple Martin)

April 2009
Wildathon, Bird of the Year (Purple Martin)

January 2009
Bird of the Year (Purple Martin)

November/December 2008
Virtual Birding, Bird of the Year (Prothonotary Warbler)

October 2008
Competition for Water, Red-Headed Woodpecker

June 2008
Piedmont Guide for North Carolina Birding, Bird of the Year (Prothonotary Warbler), Invasive species

January 2008
Neuse RiverKeepers, Bird of the Year (Prothonotary Warbler), Black-capped Petrels

December 2007
Halloween Herps fill the Sandhills, Dark-eyed Junco

November 2007
Bugfest, Tundra (whistling) Swan, Winterize your home for Energy Conservation

October 2007
Wolves and wild lands, Gray-cheeked Thrush

September 2007
Manteo Martin Trip, How to dispose of hazardous wastes

August 2007
Neuse River Named one of top ten most endangered, NC birding Guide for Coastal Plain now available, Red Knot, Lumber River IBA

June 2007
Struggle for nature-based parks in Raleigh continues, American Oystercatcher, Energy conservation tips for drying laundry, Teshekpuk Lake Alaska

May 2007
Year of the Purple Martin, Painted Bunting

April 2007
Matthew Daw named young birder of the year, Cerulean Warbler

March 2007
The Carolina Herp atlas, Carolina Wren, Forest web of life

February 2007
Lumber River IBA, Brown Creeper, Alternative household cleaners

January 2007
Lumber River IBA, More Pipers calling in North Carolina, Wilson’s Plover, Diapering the Ecofriendly way

December 2006
Pipers are calling in North Carolina, Herping in the sandhills, Wilson’s (Common) Snipe, Reducing and reusing Holiday waste

November 2006
Field trip to Mahogany Rock, Red-winged Blackbirds, Lumber River IBA, Giving green gifts

October 2006
Field trip to the Wilson’s Backyard, Attracting winter hummingbirds, Blue Jay, Turn yard waste into compost

September 2006
Lake Benson Shrikes and Eagles, Golden Winged Warbler, Tips for gas conservation, Horseshoe Farm Dilemma, Lumber River IBA

August 2006
White Ibis abandon Battery Island, Field trip to Johnston County’s Howell Woods, American Goldfinch, Water conservation tips

July 2006
Titmice Birdcam, Mountain birding field trip, Wildathon, Passive solar housing, House wren

June 2006
Horseshoe Farm Master Plan, Indigo Bunting, Chemical-free mosquito control, Caring for baby birds

May 2006
Lumber River IBA, Common Nighthawk, Save the earthworms, Save the cork trees

April 2006
Wake Audubon supports outreach to Raleigh Community centers, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Grow your own rain garden, Close up Feeders reveal new detail

March 2006
North Carolina Birding Trail, Black-capped chickadee, Carolina Chickadee, Vermiculture, Conservation for our future

February 2006
IBA comes to Wake Audubon, Wood Duck, Energy conservation around the house

January 2006
Field trip to Mattamuskeet, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Reduce wasted paper from junk mail, Auction success

December 2005
Christmas Bird count, Baltimore Oriole, Recycle holiday trash, Measuring the world with birds