Check out the Wake Audubon Flickr Photostream!

Some useful tips on accessing the photos:

The photos in the Flickr photo album are arranged based upon the date the photo was entered on the site. In general this will also be similar to the dates the photos were taken, but they may be significantly different. The first photos are the photos that were entered most recently. Scrolling through the photos you will be looking from the most recently entered photos to the photos entered earlier. If you wish to look for a specific photo, the recently entered photos will have both titles and tags which are searchable.

Check the list shown at right for searchable terms. Searching for a photo or a set of photos can be done using the white search bar visible in the upper right corner of the Flickr window. When you type your search word such as “Bird” in the search bar, you will notice below what you have typed will be a set of search locations. Be sure to click the “This Group” option. If you do not limit the search to the group, you will be searching for your keyword in the entire Flickr database.

You can also make comments on photos or have discussions, all of which are supported by Flickr. If you wish to comment on a photo, you should open the photo by clicking on it, then make your comment by clicking the small white speech bubble visible in the lower right corner when the cursor hovers over the picture.

List of Search Terms

Bird or birds
Field trip
Plant or plants
Specific name of photographer
Young Naturalists

Guidelines for submissions to the Wake Audubon Flickr Photostream

In order to post your photos to the Wake Audubon Flickr Photostream, you must have your own Flickr account. This is free up to a terabyte of data. Once you have created your own Flickr account (actually a Yahoo account – Flickr is owned by Yahoo), search to find our Wake Audubon group, and submit a request to join it. We encourage your submissions – though, for the enjoyment of all who view them, they must follow these guidelines:

  1. All photos must be Wake Audubon Society related. For example, photos from Wake Audubon field trips, booths, Young Naturalists activities, conservation activities and other activities associated with the group are appropriate. Photos of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants found in Wake County and nearby areas are also suitable. Please keep all submissions within the Wake Audubon sphere. Contact Photo Gallery moderator Bob Oberfelder if you are in doubt.
  2. Wake Audubon requires a signed permission form from anyone who can be identified in a photo. Signed forms can be sent to Board Secretary Gerry Luginbuhl for archiving.
  3. All photos should be submitted as JPEG files with a maximum size of either 2 MB or a maximum dimension of 1500 dpi. A copyright label on the photo is fine if you are concerned about the unauthorized use of your photo.
  4. In order to allow viewers to sort the photos, each photo must be tagged with appropriate labels. Appropriate labels are the same as Search Terms above:
    1. Activity
    2. Amphibian
    3. Bird or birds
    4. Booth
    5. Bugfest
    6. Butterfly
    7. Conservation
    8. Event
    9. Field trip
    10. Insects
    11. Mammal
    12. Plant or plants
    13. Raulston
    14. Reptile
    15. Snake
    16. Spider
    17. Young Naturalists

    This is important and worth your time because as the number of photos increase people will want to find specific kinds of photos and having the appropriate tag will facilitate this.

  5. The Description of the photograph should include:
    a. The date the photo was taken
    b. The location the photo was taken
    c. The name of the photographer
    d. The event or activity at which the photo was taken
  6. Please choose your best photos. Do not show 4 Great Blue Heron photos unless they are dramatically different poses. This is your photo album as a member of the group. Photos will NOT be assessed based on the quality of the photo, only whether the photo is appropriate for this site or not. Inappropriate photos will be removed from the site.