Blue Jay. Photo by Bob Oberfelder

Bird-friendly Gardens

Bird-friendly habitat includes sources of water, leaf litter, brush piles and snags where possible.  Nesting boxes and feeders are also helpful to birds. Native plants provide the food birds need to survive and raise their young in ways the non-native plants cannot.  Click here to learn about how to create a bird-friendly garden.

Bird Poster – Can you identify these common birds of Wake County?

Photos and information about the birds depicted in the poster.

Local Birding

There are many great birding spots in Wake and surrounding counties. Take a look at a few of the sites that Wake Audubon frequents on guided bird walks and for bird counts. You can also download our presentation on Common Birds of Wake County.


Find help for injured birds and learn about birds in North Carolina, the NC Birding Trail, The Cornell Feederwatch Program and many other neat things on our links page. You can also check out the Wake Audubon Facebook page!


Check out the Wake Audubon Flickr Photostream! Wake Audubon is lucky to have many talented photographers in its ranks. And we welcome all members’ photos, as well. See our photo guidelines for useful tips on accessing Flickr features and how to submit your photos.

Common Birds of Wake County

Click here to view a Power Point presentation created by Wake Audubon’s education/outreach team.


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