<strong>July Meeting - </strong> – Make Your Home Wildlife Friendly.  Audubon board member Mary Frazer will discuss ways to provide food and shelter for birds and all other wildlife. Click on the above image for information on our calendar on how to join the Zoom meeting. <strong>Local birding</strong> Look for nest-building activity! <strong>Bird walks and field trips</strong> - Click the image above to learn about up-coming events. All are welcome. The Red-headed Woodpecker is Wake Audubon's Bird of the Year for 2020. Click on the image above for more information about the  Red-headed Woodpecker. <strong>Community Outreach and Conservation work</strong> –  We offer many opportunities to participate in community events and conservation projects such as this milkweed planting.

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Wake Audubon is a chapter of Audubon NC and of the National Audubon Society. Located in Wake County, North Carolina, we have a membership of about 1,500 and hold monthly meetings, field trips, bird walks and other activities.



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