<strong>Optical Illusions</strong> – Our November 8th meeting - Keith Kennedy will show highlights from some of his international trips and explain how he gets the shots. Click on the above image of a Andean Cock-of-the-Rock to see details on our calendar. <strong>Wake Audubon Field Trips </strong> We offer a wide variety of field trips. Coming up this fall:  Parkway hawk watch, Optics workshop, Christmas Bird Count and more. Click on the image to see our calendar. <strong>Always a good time to bird</strong> - Click the image above to view a few of the local birding sites that Wake Audubon frequents on guided bird walks and bird counts. Then check our calendar or meetup group site (click icon, upper right) for scheduled walks. Let's see who coming through for a visit!   The Field Sparrow is Wake Audubon's Bird of the Year for 2016. Click on the image to read more about the Field Sparrow. <strong>Community Outreach</strong> –  Wake Audubon participates in many community events over the course of a year.  Click on the image above to see all of our community events.

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Wake Audubon is a chapter of Audubon NC and of the National Audubon Society. Located in Wake County, North Carolina, we have a membership of about 1,500 and hold monthly meetings, field trips, bird walks and other activities.



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